Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Tale Of All Cities 11/11/07

The world was a mess.  Ask anyone, anyone at all and they would tell you.  Their reasons for the world being a mess were wrapped around their own personal problems and realities, and that was normal.  But he world was indeed a mess.
    The problem was, people were worn down, beaten into submission.  Nothing was new, nothing was special, nothing was secret.  Nothing was magic.  The lesser minded were terrified, the greater minded disgusted.  God was dead to anyone who cared to notice.  The frightened frenetically sought God out it the most ludicrous and unholy places.  The only place He existed was in the very best of us, and there were scant few of those.  The few that were left, no one tried to seek out.  They found the loudest and the most grotesque and gave them their allegiance, and so the cancer grew until it rotted all the goodness that once existed in us.
     In the past, the motivated, the driven, strived to better humankind.  Now they drained the very hope and life out of the rest, surrendering to the worst of greed and gluttony, climbing up the backs of the masses, holding them in contempt as they sucked them dry and left only empty shells.
     All utopias had failed man again, all governments, all leadership. All the faith and trust afforded any leader was mocked and abused until no one could stand to believe what they knew was true.
     People who stood up straight were driven to their knees.  People on their knees were turned into cobblestones for people who did not deserve to tread upon the earth, let alone the backs of their brothers.  People came to accept slow torture, everyday genocide, poison skies and water, rape and murder of the innocent, manmade famine and disease so long as it didn’t affect them.
     We were ghosts, shadows that seemingly could not affect the very world we lived in.  Once again society had been used to lull us asleep, divide us instead of reinforce our sense of community, of all of us being in this together.
     No trust, no faith, no love existed between the six billion people clinging to the planet and hoping for just a small bit of pure joy.

© David Ferraris 2011

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