Wednesday, March 30, 2011


      I think there are two types of people in this world.  There are people who deal with a lot of real shit and would just once in a while feel so much better if someone would acknowledge it, or say they appreciate you, or a random “I love you” now and then.
     The other type are people who create drama and problems in their lives, so they carry around a lot of false burdens.  Perhaps the only way to deal with these false burdens is with mock emotions and phony pain.  It’s all made up.  Maybe it’s because somewhere back in their life some horrible, un-imaginable pain scarred them so deeply that they fill their heads up with these loud and false afflictions to drown that memory out.  I don’t know.
     What I do know is that letting these people know that you acknowledge what they do, or appreciate what they do, or that you just love them really has no effect on them.  It doesn’t matter.  You might as well tell them that you have just clipped your fingernails, because it doesn’t affect them one way or the other.
     But the really bad thing is that if one of these people is the person in you’re life that you’ve been waiting to tell you about the appreciation or the love…well, you are in for a very long wait indeed.

© David Ferraris 2011

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