Monday, July 25, 2016

Jesus Sighed

You want to know what it felt like to be Jesus? 
He felt alone. 
He was trapped on the earth with millions of people, none of who could understand what he was going through. Even those closest to him didn't understand him on any level. 
So he was worshipped and vilified and adored and destroyed, all from a distance. All from people that were afraid of him or confused by him, and all he could do was try to love them and preach compassion, all the time knowing how it would all turn out. His life must have been punctuated by exasperated sighs. 
They all took from him and hated him for it. He had nothing and nobody to make him feel at home. And he had to suffer, and he had to pay for all of our sins, and he had to do it for beings that would never even know what he had done for them. He was a God among mortals, how could anyone truly relate to him and how frustrating and constricting must that have been? 
So he walked amongst his creation in a slow, steady march to his own death by the hands of his children. 
And he had no choice, because when you're Jesus, 
you're alone.

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